• According to Inside Radio, ad spend for podcasting and streaming audio is projected to increase by 17.8%, one of the highest growth rate for all channels, second only to streaming video.
  • Based on our data, brands saw up to 33% improvement on conversion rate when running on multiple networks.
  • Historically, embedded ads have seen better conversion rate performance than dynamic ads, however that gap has been closing quarter over quarter, with embedded ads having only a 0.05% lead on conversion rates over dynamic ads this period
  • Households who were exposed to a podcast ad are almost 2X more likely to make a purchase
  • Households who were exposed to a podcast ad are over 2X more likely to perform a lead event


  • In fact, two out of three podcast listeners say they give their favorite shows their full attention. (2 Crowd DNA & Spotify, “We’re All Ears,” 2018, US, UK, AU, MX, BR, DE)
  • 56% of people around the world want an escape from visual stimulation. (3 Spotify trend survey, respondents 15-37, Globally, February 2019, US, MX, BR, UK, DE, FR, AU, PH)
  • Here in Australia, about 57% of listeners say they’ll consume an entire episode from start-to-finish.(4 Triton, Podcast Data Kit 2020, AU)
  • 54% of podcast fans say they’re more likely to consider buying from a brand they hear advertised on podcasts.
  • 81% have taken action after hearing a podcast ad — anything from looking up a product online, to connecting with a brand on social media, to talking about a product with someone.(5 Crowd DNA & Spotify, We’re All Ears, 2018, US, UK, AU, MX, BR, DE)

Acast Sounds Smart Report 2021 (Aus)

  • In the past three months over a third of Australians (37%) have tuned into podcasts, and podcasts are set to grow even further as more than half (56%) of those surveyed intend to listen more in the future.
  • the majority of people (88%) actively reduce distractions before they start listening to a podcast. Unlike on many other mediums, podcast ads require no additional input from users like scrolling, clicking, or even moving your eyes — factors that cause friction and render ads less effective.
  • brand awareness improved for 77% of people after they heard a podcast ad, while 25% looked for more information and 24% noticed the brand next time they were in store.
  • Podcast audiences can only be reached via podcasting. 90% of podcast listeners pay for a premium music streaming service (with no advertising), whereas over half (56%) listen to commercial-free radio. The data highlights the unique opportunity of podcasting with an audience that can’t be reached via commercial radio and streaming services.
  • 93% of people listen to podcasts on their own, creating an unrivaled connection between podcast content and the listener. 80% said podcasting content aligns to their passions and 78% said podcasting provides content that they want to dedicate their attention to.
  • Only 17% of Aussies believe podcast advertising is not relevant to them.
  • Almost half of respondents (49%) said that they pay more attention to advertising when it’s read by the podcast host.

Edison Infinite Dial 2021

  • 74% australians listened to online audio in the past month
  • 37% australians listened to a podcast in the last month (up from 25% last year)
  • 91% australians aware of podcasting (up from 87% last year)
  • Australian podcast listeners listen to around 5 podcasts per week