Podcaster Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did you create Podshare?

    We’ve developed Podshare to assist podcasters in both monetising their podcasts and also providing value to advertisers who are looking for new consumers. We’re the only platform where small and large shows can sell on our marketplace.. We require just a minimum of 200 listeners per episode. We want to be a transparent, open marketplace that eliminates any barriers to podcast advertising. Ad pricing is instantly accessible and you communicate directly with the advertiser.  We plan on bundling small shows together to open up more opportunities.

  • How much money can I make from sponsors?

    This really depends on many different variables, primarily how many downloads/listeners your podcast has. Podcast ads are usually sold per 1000 listeners. Rates will be adjusted for smaller shows and they can be bundled with other similar shows.  Most podcasters are seeing anywhere from $25 AUD up to $100 AUD per 1000 listeners  for audio ads they live read during their podcast.  If you have a niche, engaged, and targeted audience, they will probably be willing to pay more. Depending on your show, we recommend that you can put up to 4 ads per show and price according to the placement. When you first launch a podcast, we recommend putting your ad spots on the low side to test the market and demand for your show. You may always boost your prices if there is an active demand.

    You must submit listening figures from an IAB compliant or certified platform when you sign up, you can re-submit as your show grows

  • Do I need to change podcast hosting providers to list my podcast on Podshare?

    Nope, but they need to be IAB certified.

  • Which podcast hosting platforms are IAB certified?

    To see a current list of podcast hosting platforms that are IAB certified, visit https://iabtechlab.com/compliance-programs/compliant-companies/#podcast.

  • Does it cost anything to list my podcast? Do you charge a commission?

    Our service is FREE to list your podcast. We charge a 30% commission fee for any ad spots sold on our platform. For instance; you list and sell a spot for $100, we keep $30, you net $70.  You can factor this into your rate when setting your ad rates.

    Is podcast advertising right for my podcast?

    Before you seek sponsors, we recommend that you have at least 10 episodes released.

  • How do I get paid?

    We require all brands to pay for the sponsorship upfront immediately upon your acceptance of the campaign, and we’ll hold the money securely for you in escrow throughout the duration of the campaign.

    You get paid once the Ads are submitted and verified.  We use the Stripe payment system.

  • Can I use your service to sell just a few ad spots?

    Yes; our service can be used to fill last-minute empty slots. We’re here to assist you sell all of your ad space.

  • What type of ads or sponsored content can I create for my episodes?

    Here are the types of ads or sponsored content that brands can ask for:

    Host-read sponsorships:

    15-90 second ad spots read in your own voice, which makes them more engaging and less disruptive for listeners than traditional commercials. The goal is to integrate a brand, product, or service into an episode in an authentic and genuine way.

    Pre-roll ad:

    Usually a 15 – 30 ad at the beginning of the podcast episode.

    Mid-roll ad:

    Usually a 60-90 ad towards the middle of the podcast episode when the listeners are already engaged.

    Post-roll ad:

    15 – 30 seconds at the end of the podcast.

    Native sponsorships fit the content/topic of your episode, making them more authentic for brands and engaging for listeners.

    A creative integration is when a brand, product, or service wants the host to seamlessly integrate their company to the show’s episode and audience in a compelling and interesting way.

    A topical discussion:

    When a company, product, or service wants the host to discuss a subject related to their brand, product, or service,

    It could also take the form of a branded segment.

    In a review, the host reviews a product during an episode and discusses it with their audience.

    A giveaway & contest is when a brand, product, or service wants to share promotional codes, products, and freebies with the host’s engaged listeners.

  • Can I improvise in an ad read?

    Improvisation is particularly popular in advertising reads because it makes them seem more natural and genuine. Instead of reading a script, they want you to sound natural and genuine.

    Some businesses, however, may have a script or a clear message prepared that they want you to read, so it’s essential to discuss this with each brand/sponsor if they do not clearly state one way or the other in their campaign information.

  • How do advertisers find and reserve my ad spots?

    Advertisers reserve ad spots directly from our online marketplace and then collaborate with you on the copy

  • I'm new to podcast advertising. Is this a good platform to get started with?

    Absolutely. Our platform walks you through the entire podcast advertising process and we bring the advertisers to you.

  • What if I already have advertisers or partnered with a different ad network?

    That’s fine with us, we are non-exclusive. You can still use our service in conjunction with another company. Just make sure it doesn’t violate their Terms of Service.

  • What is the average CPM I can expect and how does this compare to other advertising channels?

    Right now the market is seeing anywhere between $25-$100 CPM’s for live podcast ad reads.

    What if I don’t want to pursue an advertiser’s request for one of my ad spaces? You have first refusal. If an advertiser requests a placement from you, you can reject it if you don’t wish to accept it.

  • Can I list more than one podcast in my account?

    Yes. The system was designed to allow many podcasts to be housed under one account. It’s ideal for podcast networks.