How it works

Podshare is a podcast advertising marketplace where you can easily launch a podcast advertising campaign and get more value for your advertising spend.

Search for podcasts

Search for the podcast right for your brand by interest and demographic.

Select & Shortlist

Offer one show or a number of shows the opportunity to take part in your campaign.


Finalise ad copy and method of delivery.

Pay Securely

Your money is paid and held securely with us until live links and timecodes for host read ads or proof of dynamic ad insertion are verified.

Go Live!

Your ads will be in your audience’s ears, and podcasters will receive their payment!

Advertisers Search

So make sure your profile has been set up to make you stand out from the crowd.

Respond to Enquiries

If an advertiser wants to organise a placement you will receive an email then it’s time to chat terms.

Go Live!

Once you have run the ads simply upload them to the platform to verify you have done your part.

Get Paid Securely

As soon you’ve confirmed the placements were run successfully, we will distribute the funds right to your account.