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One of the biggest problems facing podcasters is how they can connect with brands and advertisers to monetise their content.

Here’s Jack Clifton, host and producer of the ‘Red V Podcast’ in Sydney, discussing how much time he spends each week creating and producing amazing material.“From researching show notes, to editing audio, doing interviews and promoting the show, the time adds up”. 

Jack explains how difficult it is for podcasters to make money because all of their efforts go into producing the shows. Jack describes the difficulties he faces in earning revenue “it comes unstuck knowing who to contact and how to effectively promote our brand to advertisers and business”.

This is the problem Podshare wants to solve. There are so many excellent podcasts of all sizes and types with active listeners who respond well to advertising, but there must be a method for podcasters and advertisers to interact!  Podshare will do this by allowing podcasts of all sizes and genres to list their show on our platform.

Johnny Leary host of the Saturday Quiz podcast wishes he had more time to find advertisers and thinks the idea of an online podcast ad marketplace is a ‘great idea’.